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Cruel Devious Heir: Part Two

Cruel Devious Heir: Part Two

He’s cruel. He’s devious… and he’s determined to keep her.

Oakley Beckworth didn’t expect to fall for the daughter of the man who hates him and everything he stands for. But it happened anyway.

What started as a game to sabotage Tally’s plan to knock the Heirs off their throne quickly turns into a game of life and death.
Headstrong. Tenacious. Pure.

She sees past all his bravado.

Oakley wants her even though he knows her father will never approve. Even though he’s not good enough for her.

But for once, Tally is determined to choose her own path in life … and she wants Oakley.

Because some people deserve to be loved.

Especially, the boy who did everything he could to save her.

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