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Brutal Callous Heir: Part One

Brutal Callous Heir: Part One

He’s brutal. He’s callous… and he’s dead set on uncovering her secrets.

Raine Storm knows boys like the Heirs of All Hallows’.

Wicked. Arrogant. Entitled. They think they’re better than everyone else.

Especially girls like her.

Girls who don’t belong.
Girls who come from nothing.
Girls running from the sins of their past.

Being sent to All Hallows’ instead of a young offenders institute should be a blessing in disguise.

Until she meets Theo Ashworth.

He’s the one person who gets under her skin like no other, and against her better judgment, she finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with him.

A game she’s determined to win.

But Theo is an Heir, and the thing about Heirs…

They never lose.

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