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#6 Temper Him

#6 Temper Him

She wants to protect him. He can't stay away.

Kennedy Lowe wasn’t supposed to walk away, taking my heart with her. Now she’s gone, but I’m determined to get her back. 

I want to save her.
Punish her. 
In the end, I’ll make sure she knows exactly who she belongs to.

Conner Jagger wasn’t to supposed to save me, but he did. Now I’ll do anything to protect him and the people he calls family.

He’s good.
Worth fighting for.  
In the end, I’lI do whatever it takes.

He might be the boy I betrayed, and I might be the girl with nothing left to lose, but one thing’s for sure... He won’t let me go without a fight.

Even if it means risking everything.

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