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#4 Trust Him

#4 Trust Him

She wants to fight for him. He won't let her in.

Hadley Rexford wasn’t supposed to get under my skin. But I thought she was like me, until I push her too far, and destroy everything we had.

I want to hurt her.

Consume her. 

In the end, I’ll make sure she’s only ever mine.

Cole Jagger wasn’t supposed to become everything to me. But he did, before he pulled me into the darkness and left me there, abandoning me when I need him most.

He’s broken.


In the end, I’m not sure I can save him. 

He might be the bad boy with no soul, and I might the girl with nowhere left to go, but one thing’s for sure... We’ll either walk into the light together.

Or drown in the darkness forever.

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