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#1 Shattered Legacy

#1 Shattered Legacy

Blood. Money. Power.

Are you ready to be initiated?

All I ever wanted was to escape Gravestone and its archaic traditions. 

But one fateful night, I find myself right in the middle of one of their sacred ceremonies.

And now, I’ve been claimed by the devil.

It’s meant to be a privilege, or at least that’s what everyone tells me. But they don’t know the truth. They don’t know the depths of depravity, the sick and twisted games that exist in this world I’ve been thrust into.

I might belong to Cade Kingsley, but he’s not the one I want. He’s not the one my heart beats for.

Bexley Easton has been dragged into this world much like me. 

I want to say he’s different, that he’s good and pure, that he’s everything I’ve made him out to be in my head. 

But he’s one of them now and I fear everything we’ve shared could be a lie.

One thing’s for certain though, if Cade discovers the depth of my betrayal then it could be the end...

For both of us.

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